Is Entitlement Preventing Your From Reaching Your Goals?

We know that our emotions fuel our actions. And we usually know which emotion we’re feeling. We’re all pretty good at identifying anger, jealousy, sadness, joy, and more.

But sometimes emotions can be blurry. When this happens, we may struggle achieving our desired actions because our emotional fuel is ineffective, and we aren’t even aware of it.

One of the blurry, ineffective emotions that blocks our progress is entitlement.

Entitlement is the belief that you deserve certain privileges without the necessary effort. We can easily recognize entitlement in a young man who wants his wealthy father’s fortune without ever working.

It’s also easy to spot in a teenager who believes she gets a new car at sixteen “just because.”

But entitlement about our goals comes in different ways that can be difficult to recognize. Here are a few.

1. If There’s Something Important For Me To Do, I Should Already Know What That Is

When we choose this thought, we want the guidance on our goals without being willing to put in the work. We mistakenly believe that people come to know their personal callings and missions automatically, without any thought, effort, and certainly without any failure. This is entitlement, and it’s preventing you from reaching your goals. Instead, change this thought to: I am willing to keep moving forward the best I can until I know what I need to be doing.

2. I Should Always Experience Success and Should Never Hit Setbacks or Plateaus

Once we learn what goals we feel inspired to reach, we tend to think that the road to reaching them should be easy. After all, your goal is divinely inspired, isn’t it? While that may be true, we are not exempt from failures nor plateaus. Each of these obstacles allow us to grow and develop more. Stopping our progression because we have entitlement about the supposed ease of our journey prevents us from the depth we are capable of.

3. I Should Always Be Happy and Motivated When Working Toward My Goals

This is another common one. We know what we want to do, we’re willing to experience failure, but dang it! It’s hard to turn off Netflix. Also, sometimes it’s boring. And sometimes w question if this is truly what we want to spend our time doing.

When those doubts arrive, we may let ourselves believe that we are making the wrong choice with our goal. “Look, I tried for a while, but this isn’t fun any more,” is not a valid reason to quit.

“Yes, I feel strongly about my goal, but I just don’t want to do it tonight,” is another thought that will prevent progress.

Some days, the actions required to meet your goals are going to seem boring. You’ll lack the attention, focus, and sometimes the drive. Fight through it. Find the motivation. Don’t wait for it to arrive.

Learn to recognize entitlement. And when it arrives, shift your thoughts. Be willing to do the mental work to fuel yourself with confidence, commitment, and courage. Then you’ll reach your goals.

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