When You Are Emotionally Drained

Filling Your Tank

There’s an important thing about driving that we all learn well before we learn to drive.
Cars require gasoline.
When they run out of fuel, they cannot drive.

Because of this, we are all very diligent about filling up with fuel. We also recognize that there is a difference between shutting off the engine and filling up the tank.
When my low fuel light clicks on and I decide to turn off my engine, when I restart it again, the fuel will be just as low. Though sometimes it’s inconvenient and expensive, we fill the tank.  Every single time.

This same principle applies to our mental health, yet it’s far more difficult for us to understand and practice.
Often when our emotional tanks are “low”, we shut down.
Scrolling through social medial, binge watching Netflix, mindless phone games. These activities do not refill our emotional tanks. These are all “shutting down.” We are turning the emotional key and leaving our car parked for the night in the hopes that tomorrow we can drive.

Friends, your emotional tank will be low tomorrow as well.

Take a lesson from your car.  We know how much fuel our cars can hold, we know when it’s low, and we know exactly what to do to refill.

Commit today to identify the warning signs that your tank is low. Do you get snippy? Do you get emotional? Maybe your body tells you with signs like headaches, stomachaches, or clenched teeth.

When you have your list, brainstorm ideas for how to fill your tank– not shut down– fill your tank.
Reading a book? Taking a bath? Yoga or meditation? There are a thousand ways. Try a new one today! Follow through even when it’s inconvenient, overwhelming, or requires an investment.
Your health is worth it. You are destined to do great things and go great places. Give yourself the fuel to get there.
Much Love,

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