How to Get More Done and Feel Better While Doing It

Our emotions affect our actions. Most of us know this, at least intuitively. For example, a football coach will help his team feel excited so that the action of playing well comes easier.
Likewise, a mother will help her baby feel relaxed so it’s easier to complete the action of falling asleep.

But the part that most people haven’t learned yet is how to access those useful emotions.
I know it’s best to feel  confident about a job interview, patient with my kids, and forgiving when I’m hurt, but how do I access that?

The answer lies in our thoughts.

I like to use a messy kitchen as an example.
If my kitchen is completely trashed. I could have several thoughts about this.

Perhaps it’s, “This is going to take forever.” That thought makes me feel overwhelmed. And when I’m overwhelmed, the action of washing the dishes becomes much more difficult. In fact, when I’m overwhelmed, I’m more likely to scroll through my phone and avoid the dishes altogether.

But perhaps my thought is, “Why am I the only one who ever cleans?”
Now I’m feeling resentful. I might wash the dishes, but you better believe I’m going to angry about it, slamming dishes around and muttering complaints to myself about how unappreciated I am. And if my husband or kids come near, I’ll probably to pick a fight.

Now let’s pretend that I choose think, “I can get a lot done in ten minutes.” This leads me to feel motivated. Fueled with motivation, I’m far more likely to set a timer and wash the dishes.

In all of these examples, the kitchen remained the exact same. Yet each had different outcomes and different feelings while achieving that outcome.

Whenever you’re facing an action you want to begin doing, working out, making friends, applying for job, or an action you want to stop, yelling at your kids, eating when stressed, or staying up too late, take a step backward and decide what emotion you need to feel in order to fuel that action. Confidence, peace, and love are great places to start.

Once you’ve decided your desired emotion, spend time with your thoughts and intentionally think the one that will bring you that emotion.

“I love myself and am capable of making healthy decisions.”
“My kids are having a hard time, but they’re not bad kids, and I’m not a bad mom.”
“I have talents and skills that can bless the lives of others.”

So tell me! What’s your goal? And what thought and emotion will get you there?

Much love,


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