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Does your teen have a story burning inside him?

Does she dream of making a difference with her words?

Do you want to nurture their passions?

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Welcome to the

Teen Author Club


At the Teen Author Club, we believe that every teen has a unique voice and story to share with the world. Our comprehensive membership program is designed to nurture their creativity, hone their writing skills, and guide them through the exciting journey of becoming a published author.


We are committed to cultivating the next generation of storytellers and thought leaders by providing a platform for teens to develop their talents and share their unique perspectives with the world.

Uncover the stories only your teen can tell

Through our dynamic editing calls and recorded monthly courses, your teen will embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring her passions, honing her craft, and achieving excellence.  And our bi-annual class publications means she can share her success worldwide. 


Led by seasoned authors and writing coaches, our courses encompass everything from crafting compelling characters to mastering the art of storytelling. With personalized feedback and gentle, encouraging support, your teen will flourish as a writer and gain the confidence to express his creativity in areas including: 

Write a book and make a friend

As a member of the Teen Author Club, your teen will join a diverse community of teen writers who share your teen’s passion for storytelling and making a difference. Your teen will connect with peers, exchange feedback and ideas, and support other authors as she strives to create meaningful change through her words.

Our supportive environment fosters collaboration and friendship, making the Teen Author Club more than just a writing program—it’s a lifelong writing community.

Enroll today so your child can:

Learn how to write creative nonfiction, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and novels

Receive personalized feedback from professional authors and editors

Collaborate with other teens while sharing ideas and exchanging works for edits

Be published in a book to share their work with the world 


Picture your teen holding a published book with his name proudly displayed on the cover. As a member of the Teen Author Club, he’ll have the chance to see his work published in our bi-annual class anthology.

Our team will also offer guidance on the publishing process, aiding your teen in navigating the path to becoming a published author.

Membership benefits include:

Your teen can make an impact on the world

Don’t let your teen’s dreams of becoming a published author remain mere aspirations. Enroll her in the Teen Author Club and take the initial step toward reaching a goal very few people achieve– getting published!


Whether they’re seasoned writers or just starting out, there’s a place for them here. Enroll your teen now and watch his creativity soar!





Frequently Asked Questions:

What writing ability does my child need?

The personalized nature of this club allows for writers in  a wide range of ability to refine their skills.

However, it is essential that aspiring authors are proficient in basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Additionally, authors should be capable of formatting their writing into correct paragraphs free from run-on sentences. 

Unsure if your child is ready for this club? Send me an email at for a free,  personalized evaluation. 

Can my kids share a subscription to this club?

All of your kids are welcome to view the courses and calls. (And you can too!) But only one piece of writing can be submitted per account per turn. Your children can rotate through who submits each time, but if multiple children want to submit work at the same time, they will need separate accounts. 

While parents are also welcome to view the courses, we cannot offer live edit services to the work of parents or other adults in the home.

Are there requirements or restrictions of what can be submitted? 

Students can write in whatever style or topic most interests them. They do not need to complete each writing prompt, and they do not need to write in every style taught. 

In an effort to keep this club appropriate for all ages, stories that contain sex, violence, swearing, or references to drugs and alcohol will not be read aloud or shared for peer edits. Other content that may be triggering may be withheld from peer edits and only receive an edit from instructors at the instructor’s discretion.

What if we miss a class?

This club includes two main areas of instruction. The first is a recorded monthly course on a variety or writing topics. This can be viewed whenever is most convenient for you.

The second manner of instruction is a weekly call where professional instructors provide live feedback on a student’s work. Attending live provides the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions. However, these calls are all recorded and posted online and can be viewed at a later date in the event a class is missed

Are you an approved vendor for homeschool funding?

Yes! I am approved through both Harmony and My Tech High, and I will be a provider through the UFA bill. Payment must be made upon signing up for the course, but receipts can be provided upon request for reimbursement. 

How often will my child receive feedback?

During the live calls, an instructor will provide feedback for four students’ work. The number of times your child receives an edit depends on the number of students in the club and the frequency at which each student writes and submits work. 

How will be child learn if she does not receive weekly edits?

It is unlikely that your child will receive an edit from an instructor each week. 

But each week, feedback is offered, and this is still extremely valuable. Often it is easier to understand and apply feedback when we view it on another’s work instead of our own, where we may become too close to the work to see its needs for improvement. Attending the live edits calls will still provide useful information to your teen author that he or she can use in his or her future writing.

Additionally, there is an ongoing peer-edit list where students can submit their work (with the agreement that they will also edit a classmate’s work) and receive edits in this manner. 


Who are these professional authors and editors?

Right now, it’s just me! I am a published author and a professional editor. In addition, I have taught many writing classes for teens. I am excited to make the jump to online to expand the number of my students! 

As the club grows and we develop the need to additional editors, I will hire them based on several factors to ensure their qualifications both in writing and editing, but also in providing an uplifting and encouraging environment for teens. 

I have another question not listed here.

For any additional questions, please send me an email at

Six Month Plan

(billed twice a year, a savings of over $50!)
$ 249 every six months
  • Monthly Recorded Writing Courses
  • Weekly Individual Video Feedback
  • Publication Opportunities
  • Free Copy of Class Anthology
  • Opportunity to Earn Points and Win Prizes

Annual Plan!

(a savings of over $150!
billed annually)
$ 399 /year
  • Monthly Recorded Writing Courses
  • Weekly Individual Video Feedback
  • Publication Opportunities
  • Free Copy of Class Anthology
  • Opportunity to Earn Points and Win Prizes
Best Value!

Monthly Plan

billed monthly, no contract
$ 49 /monthly
  • Monthly Recorded Writing Courses
  • Weekly Individual Video Feedback
  • Publication Opportunities
  • Free Copy of Class Anthology
  • Opportunity to Earn Points and Win Prizes

For questions about this course, please email me at 

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