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Writing is hard.

You want to share your story, but you're stuck.

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Welcome to Real Talk– real coaching for real authors.

I can help you:

  • Map out your entire story

  • Improve your writing skills

  • Get answers to your specific questions

This is not an edit.

This is coaching.

Editors give you

I give you:

Make Progress Today!

Monthly Writing Courses

From lessons on strong plot and enticing characters to show versus tell and authentic dialogue. these courses will improve your writing and help it catch an agent’s eye.

Weekly Group Edits

The best way to learn is to talk to someone face-to-face about your own writing. The second best way to learn is to listen to another author receive the same thing. Calls are recorded to be watched at your convenience.

Mindset Strategies
To Follow Through

Any editor can give you a list of errors in your manuscript. But when you’re facing rejection, your kids won’t sleep, and even your family won’t read your story, it’s hard to actually write. Come learn mindfulness skills to help you write even when it’s hard. 

Hi, I'm Arielle!

I'm an author coach!

I Believe You Have A Story For a Reason.

Someone out there needs the story you’re writing. It probably has been in your heart and on your mind for years. 

Let’s finally put it on the page! 

I Know That You Are Overwhelmed and Frustrated.

You’ve put in so much time. You’ve grown to love your characters. You don’t want to give up and throw it away, but you don’t how to move forward.

I can help you.

I Want You To Share Your Story With the World.

It’s not about the money, or about being famous. I want you to leave your mark on a world that needs more of what only you can offer.

It’s time to get it out there.

Real Talk

Real Coaching For Real Authors

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