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Your book is unlike any other

Your writing journey should be too

Each author needs different types and different levels  of help. I offer services for beginners, professionals, and in between ranging from regular coaching calls to single calls and every level of edit needed. 

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Private Coaching Calls

 More appointments times are available on an as-needed basis.

Text 435-291-5180 to schedule 

Do you need ongoing help?

Join Real Talk, a writing membership!

This is perfect for beginners, for those who need to build a foundation for writing and publishing, and for those who are looking for a community of other authors. 

Each month there will a recorded training video, covering topics from plot structure and character development to writing rules such as show versus tell and authentic dialog. We will also learn the steps to publishing, including writing a query letter and writing a blurb for self-publication. 


In addition to the monthly courses, there are weekly group coaching calls. These are held on the first and third Thursdays at 1:00 pm Mountain Time and on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 7 pm Mountain Time. Each week, three authors can schedule a spot to submit their work and have it edited live by me. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive edits and to step outside your comfort regarding sharing your work. It is also helpful for those listening, as it’s often easier to identify writing quirks in others’ writing.


Members of this group also have access to me via Marco Polo, text message, or email to ask for help, support, and feedback. 


Are you ready?

Editorial Services

I offer several different types of edits. Read on to see what you need.

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