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Writing a book is HARD. Are you:

The world needs your story. Let me help you finish it.

Strengthen Your Grammar Characters   Plot

Authors need far more than someone to check for typos. In addition to grammar, I offer developmental feedback to make your story irresistible from cover to cover.

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Overcome Imposter Syndrom Self-Doubt Fear of Failure

Writing can be hard when we are weighed down with problems from our personal lives. I offer life coaching that will help you resolve problem areas for a healthy, more creative mind.

Get Help With Query Letters Synopses Blurbs

From writing query letters to uploading your manuscript to KDP, I will guide your book to the home that fits your dreams.

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Let's start


You have the power to change your life.

Writing a book is one of my greatest accomplishments.

It was also one of my most difficult goals.

I spent hours of precious writing time scouring the Internet for how to improve my writing and find my story a home.

Besides learning how to write,  I needed to change my mindset. I was stuck in insecurity about my qualifications (which were none). I also felt weighed down with powerlessness about the time and sanity available after caring for my four children. 

With time, practice, and the support of writers and coaches, I published my book.

Now I get to help you.
I combine my skills as a freelance editor with my skills as a life coach to teach you how to write a book, how to write it well, and how to have the mindset to follow through.


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